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5 Hours of Credit

What our pool dealer customers say:


"Xmente saves me about 20 hours of time for each new employee I have to train."

"It was so simple. This is great. New employees can grasp what we do very quickly."

"I don't have to hold a new employee's hands. I won't lose my productivity."

"This program will get an employee up to speed fast. The faster, the better."

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New Staff is a Pain to Train and a Liability


We listened to the top business issues of leading dealers - people with the same needs as you.

  • We heard that training staff is a pain because new people don't quickly understand pools.
  • Yet, the #1 reason consumers shop at a specialty retailer is knowledgeable staff. As well, the #1 reason for customer dissatisfaction is bad advice. Yet new staff is undertrained.
  • When under-educated staff look at a customer like a deer in headlights, customer loyalty is at risk.
  • Our online training product improves staff knowledge and customer satisfaction in just one day.
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Prepare for the Season to Maximize Sales


As much as 70-90% of revenues and profits are created at the start of the season.  You need to hit the ground running.

  • In a single season, a good customer can spend over $500 and as much as several thousand.
  • Their "lifetime value" can be as much as $5000 to $10,000 if the relationship is maintained.
  • With internet purchases growing to $288 million in 2010, brick and mortar retailers must focus on maintaining customer loyalty.
  • Our online training product improves staff knowledge and customer loyalty.
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Pool Retailers are At Risk


We worked with a leading pool industry market research company to dig into the habits of the changing pool consumer and found...

  • Consumers used to go to their specialty pool dealer as their primary source of information.
  • The internet has changed consumers forever, and they now come to your store armed with information.
  • 71% of pool owners view knowledgeable staff as the leading virtue of specialty retailers, but current training programs fall short.
  • Our online training product helps your team better serve your customers.
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