Bruce Bagin, Owner, B&B Pools and Spas - Chestnut Ridge, NY

"Loyal customers are one of the keys to my business success for 40+ years. All of my customers demand that my staff is knowledgeable. Educated employees build trust and credibility with our customers to keep them coming back, while uneducated employees cause customers to leave. We found Swimming Pool Retail Academy useful with new as well as more seasoned employees. If my team doesn’t have the fundamentals down, I certainly cannot expect them to do a great job selling to, servicing, and building loyalty with customers."

Kathleen Carlson, Owner/Executive, Aqua Quip - Seattle, WA

“If an under-informed employee gives bad advice to a customer, that customer may never spend another dime with that store -- even if he or she was a loyal customer for years. Everybody that works for a pool and spa retailer, builder, or service company should have basic knowledge and training on customers and products. The Swimming Pool Retail Academy program is excellent. Every employee should take this program because training by ‘ad-hoc osmosis’ just doesn’t work.”

More Testimonials

"$100 is a no brainer."

"This training program won't save me money, it will make me money."

"This is something I would make everybody in my company take."

"This is comprehensive, self-directed learning that is fun."

"We can have feet on the ground faster, helping customers quicker."

"This is the best course I've taken in this industry and as any industry I've seen."

"It was so simple.  This is great.  New employees can grasp what we do very quickly."

"I don't have to hold their hands.  I won't lose my productivity."

"This can stop me from losing money."

"This is something I would have everyone in the company take."

"This saves me so much time with new employees.  I would have a new employee take this before they start working for me."

"This is just what we need.  It's better information that what we have, and it doesn't miss any key points."

"This program will get an employee up to speed fast. The faster, the better."

"Our first graduate raved about the program.  They really enjoyed it."

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