When an employee looks at a customer like "a deer in headlights" and freezes or stumbles over their words, the customer wonders if they are getting the help they need. Was their trip to the pool dealer worth it or should they have just figured out the answer online?

Pool Dealer Needs

To compete with vast amount of information on the internet and build customer loyalty, dealers need to:

  • Put programs in place to protect their base of loyal customers and reduce the risk of attrition.
  • Improve training programs to ensure every employee comes across as confident, credible, and trustworthy in the eyes of the customer.
  • Ramp new employees to reach a knowledge threshold quickly.
  • Validate that seasoned employees have the expertise required by customers.
  • Ensure training sets a standard for quality without being a burden to managers.
  • Provide standard, consistent, comprehensive training for new employees in a way that doesn’t take up so much time from seasoned employees.
  • Reinforces what is important to the business – pool knowledge leads to customer loyalty and profits.

Introducing Xmente's Basic Training - How Pools Operate

This online, self-directed training course helps people includes the following:



Types of Pools



Notecard Reviews

Offline Training Xercises


Test (Xam)

Great Value

Training Features

  • Guides students through 100+ Terms and 200+ pieces of multimedia content
  • Includes 100+ photographs, 100+ illustrations, plus dozens of animations, interactive elements, and videos
  • Instructional design based on the brain science behind learning and memory
  • Available 24/7 via the web and completely self-guided for busy managers
  • Developed in conjunction with leading pool dealers
  • Cost effective and affordable ($99 per student)
  • 2 1/2 Hours of online content
  • 2 1/2 Hours of offline activities to reinforce learning
  • Purchases via credit card available instantly, with no hassles
  • Money-back Guarantee

About the Brain Science Inside our Training

  • The brain is very good at processing visual information and learning through repetition.  
  • However, typical training slides are full of text, and repetition is tedious and boring.
  • Xmente uses a variety of modules within each lesson to repeat the information using a variety of visual content formats and perspectives.  
  • The information is experienced as new and fresh even though it is repeated.
  • Here is an example of a lesson's brain-science-based structure, repeating the same information in different ways:
    • Cloud Outlines introduce terminology as a series of concepts
    • A Question/Answer format engages the user to think about what is important to customers
    • Photographs, diagrams, and illustrations are used instead of text throughout every lesson
    • Memory testing Pop-Quizzes reinforce concepts
    • Customer Scenarios help learners "visualize" problems they may encounter with customers
    • Xams (Final Tests) can be taken multiple times and advise students when they miss answers
    • Review Notecards exist to repeat the key concepts
    • The Glossary can be used to review all terminology before, during, and after lessons
    • The Xercises (workbook) provides a structured series of activities that helps the student apply the information to their local market, reinforce the learning, and enable discussions with a manager

The Benefits of Xmente Training

  • Reduces risk of losing loyal customers by ensuring retail employees understand how their customers manage swimming pools
  • Increases staff knowledge, confidence, credibility, and trust
  • Speeds the training process
  • Improves retention and recall of pool information
  • Saves time from seasoned staff when helping new employees
  • Sets a bar for new employees and helps them quickly feel a sense of accomplishment
  • Weeds out new employees who cannot pass basic knowledge tests
  • Increases training consistency
  • Convenient access and self-directed (manager's can also choose to review activities)
  • Is more cost-effective than typical industry programs.  As customers have told us, this training is different than what exists in the marketplace today:
    • Unlike manufacturer training, this covers the basics without being product specific
    • Unlike conference programs, the cost is affordable for a large number of staff
    • A "packaged" training solution that no one in the industry or trade associations has been able to prioritize and invest in
    • Impossible to compete with internally - the sheer volume of photographs, illustrations, diagrams, videos, and animations would make this program too expensive to produce internally
  • Comprehensive coverage of topics ensures staff reach a knowledge threshold
  • Improves how dealers use their limited resources
  • Includes a money-back guarantee