Media Room

Video 1: Test Market Introduction

If you have never seen the guy sliding down a ramp, flying through the air and landing in a small portable pool, you gotta see this.We worked with eleven retail store owners and in some cases several of their employees to get input and test concepts. We built this playful introduction video to give them a sense of Xmente's approach. It briefly explains why we developed this course, why we are qualified and how it benefits retailers. 

Duration: 2 minutes : 32 seconds

Video 2: Course Overview

This video overview provides a wide variety of screen shots from "Basic Training - How pools Operate". If you only had two minutes to watch a video, this would give you a good summary.

Duration: 2 minutes : 16 seconds

Video 3: Introduction to Basic Training - How Pools Operate

Taken directly from the opening of our course, hear the actual course introduction as your employees would experience it.

Duration: 1 minute : 14 seconds

Video 4: Demo Video - Lesson 1 Circulation

Want to get a taste of the course? This is an actual video of the course. The real course is interactive, but this provides a very good example where you can watch the interactive course material and the learning states of Brain Based Learning. It gives you a good sense of the content with a minimal time investment.

Duration: 8 minutes : 28 seconds