Eye Opening Research: Inside the Mind of the Loyal Retail Pool Customer
Wednesday, January 16, 2013 at 10:31PM
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Our research is the first of it's kind in the pool and spa industry.

Lead by Larry Bloom, former CEO of Bio-Lab, the goal of the research is to help pool industry retailers, builders, and service groups run better businesses.

The research focuses on the characteristics of pool owners that are loyal to a single specialty retail store compared to those that are not. By understanding these consumer behaviors, retailers can better serve customers, maintain more loyal customer relationships, and ultimately run businesses with less stress and more cash flow.

Read the latest publicly released information as published on AquaMagazine.com. This is also in the process of being archived on our blog (further below and on the list to the right).

Part 1: How Well Do Pool Retailers Understand Their Customers?

How well do you know your customers? Many swimming pool retailers would say, “I know them very well!" However, we beg to (politely) differ... [More]

Part 2: What is the Value of Loyal Retail Pool Customers?

Industry expert Larry Bloom explains just how much of an impact loyal customers have to your bottom line. [More] 

Part 3: How Satisfied Are Today’s Loyal Pool Retail Customers? 

In the third part of his series, Larry Bloom examines how satisfied loyal customers are with their pool retail store, and what it means for you. [More] 

Part 4: Why Do Loyal Customers Shop at Your Pool Store? 

In a study, Larry Bloom asked survey-takers for the reasons why they're loyal to their pool retail store. Here's what they said. [More] 

Part 5: How Do Loyal Retail Customers Perceive Your Staff’s Knowledge?

You think your staff is knowledgable, but do your loyal customers? Larry Bloom explains why it matters. [More] 

Part 6: How Do You Know If Your Service is Superior?

In his latest post, Larry Bloom makes a surprising discovery: loyal customers don't necessarily see superior service as an advantage to coming to your store. Here's why.[More]

Part 7: Do Strong Personal Relationships Really Matter?

Think having a strong, personal relationship with your customers matters? Guess again. [More]

Part 8: How Important is Your Store's Location?

You've heard it before: When picking a property, it's all about "location, location, location." But just how much does location matter? Larry Bloom has the answers. [More]


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