Swimming Pool Retail Academy launches online basic training course: How Pools Operate [News Release]
Thursday, December 1, 2011 at 7:55PM
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Helps dealers maintain their competitive advantage as a trusted, credible source of pool advice.

Every North American pool business gets one free seat before May 1, 2012.

Atlanta, GA – Nearly three-fourths of pool owners are using the Internet as their primary source for pool product information. To help specialty pool retailers better compete, Swimming Pool Retail Academy has developed a brain-science-based training course which gives employees the basic knowledge to be a more effective resource for customers. The company is giving every pool business in North American one free seat for the entire course. 

Called How Pools Operate, the training course offers six online interactive lessons covering basic information on pool operations, including types of pools, circulation, filtration, cleaning, testing, and basic chemistry. The lessons also contain self-guided activity worksheets to perform in the store environment, a comprehensive glossary, digital note cards for review, a final exam, and a certificate of completion. Employees can complete the online courses at their convenience, outside of store hours.

“While a majority of pool owners have traditionally viewed knowledgeable staff as the leading virtue of specialty pool retailers, recent data shows that the Internet has become the pool owner’s number-one source of pool information,” said Larry Bloom, co-founder of Swimming Pool Retail Academy. “This is a big, bright, red flag for traditional specialty retailers. They have to find ways to win back their competitive advantage as the primary source for credible pool information to ensure they keep their loyal, brick-and-mortar customer base.”

Bruce Bagin, owner of B&B Pools and Spas in Chestnut Ridge, NY, agrees. “Loyal customers are one of the keys to my business success for 40+ years. All of my customers demand that my staff is knowledgeable. Educated employees build trust and credibility with our customers to keep them coming back, while uneducated employees cause customers to leave. We found Swimming Pool Retail Academy useful with new as well as more seasoned employees. If my team doesn’t have the fundamentals down, I certainly cannot expect them to do a great job selling to, servicing, and building loyalty with customers.”

The Swimming Pool Retail Academy training program was built to help retailers do a better job of getting and keeping loyal customers. Developing the program incorporated feedback from several well-known U.S. pool retailers and filled needs not met by current training approaches: 

Kathleen Carlson, an owner and executive with Aqua Quip in Seattle, WA, said “If an under-informed employee gives bad advice to a customer, that customer may never spend another dime with that store -- even if he or she was a loyal customer for years. Everybody that works for a pool and spa retailer, builder, or service company should have basic knowledge and training on customers and products. The Swimming Pool Retail Academy program is excellent. Every employee should take this program because training by ‘ad-hoc osmosis’ just doesn’t work.”

Swimming Pool Retail Academy’s training is designed to help every employee reach a basic knowledge threshold quickly, giving them the confidence to attract and maintain customers as a trusted, credible source of information, ultimately improving loyalty. After taking advantage of their free seat, pool businesses can purchase additional seats for employees at $99 each. For more information, visit www.SwimmingPoolAcademy.com

About Swimming Pool Retail Academy

Swimming Pool Retail Academy provides consulting, education, and productivity tools for the retail swimming pool industry. Its initial product, How Pools Operate, is a brain-science-based, cost-effective, full-day online training course, which includes five hours of training covering six web-based lessons and several tools to help pool retail employees provide better sales and service while improving customer loyalty. Swimming Pool Retail Academy is a business unit of Xmente, LLC, a media and software company focused on better thinking for a brighter planet. For more information, visit www.SwimmingPoolAcademy.com.

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