Customers say our "How Pools Operate" web-based, self-directed training:

  1. Helps new employees grasp what pool retailers do very quickly without holding their hand.
  2. Saves managers and owners 20 hours of time and money when training new employees.
  3. Helps increase employee knowledge, ultimately improving customer loyalty and preventing poor customer experience (which impact revenue and profit).

What Do Employees Learn About?

The basics of pool operation, equipment, and terminology in 6 lessons:

  1. Types of Pools
  2. Circulation
  3. Filtration
  4. Pool Cleaning
  5. Sanitation
  6. Water Balance

What Does the Course Include?

  • 3 hours of online, interactive training
  • 3 hours of offline, store-based training via worksheets that familiarize employees with products and brands in the retail environment
  • Study Note Cards
  • Glossary
  • Final Exam (5 Hour APSP Credit)

What Does it Cost?

Business Benefits

Impact Revenues and Profits

  • The #1 reason consumers shop at a specialty retailer is knowledgeable staff. Our training helps deliver this.
  • The #1 reason for customer dissatisfaction is bad advice. Our training helps avoid this.

Improves Customer Service

  • Meet customer expectations of having a trained, knowledgeable staff.
  • Provide a consistent language when communicating with customers.
  • Reduce the risk of new employee mistakes.

Saves Managers Time

  • Employees complete training at their own pace without hands-on guidance - Available 24/7 on the internet.
  • Start training on day one - No waiting on sales rep.
  • Worksheets & test show strengths and gaps - Employees retake lessons where they need additional training.

Improves Employee Performance

  • Learn to "speak pool" in 1 day
  • Be better prepared to attend product specific training from manufacturers and suppliers
  • Retention of information improves based on interactive, brain-centric learning design

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